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Expandable Retro-Reflective Backdrops:

  • 8.2 x 8.2 Feet (2.5 x 2.5 meters)
  • Attach additional backdrops to any side:
  • Extend it length-wise for full-body work,
  • Width-wise for wider, multi-cam shoots,
  • In both directions for larger set productions
  • Fully edge-sealed and includes a pole sleeve
  • Just add your own LED rings / controller & shoot!
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Our original 2.5 x 3m retro-reflective backdrops have been re-designed to offer maximum flexibility. These new backdrops are 2.5 Meters x 2.5 Meters, with Velcro joining strips on all four sides: This allows you to instantly configure your own, custom-sized array (in multiples of 2.5 meters), to meet the needs of most any type of shoot.


9/22/13:  Unavailable at the moment – Please see the Latest News page

The Reflective Fabric is the Heart of a Professional LED-Based System.

It is extremely difficult to manufacture a reflective material that adequately rejects excess ambient light, yet illuminates efficiently, even at extreme angles. If the material is not properly designed & manufactured, or was intended for a different purpose, it won’t matter what type of LED rings you use… the results will likely be unimpressive.

Unlike some of the “off-the-shelf” reflective fabrics (i.e. the 3M Scotchlite fabrics, which are great for safety purposes but far too reflective for the professional chroma key realm), this specialized retro-reflective material offers exceptional off-angle performance, optimal color saturation, and proper rejection of excess ambient light. It is manufactured to exacting specifications and designed specifically for chroma key applications. These backdrops are “the real thing” and very well made.


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